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City Hall Elections

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District One Voter wrote on August 16, 2007 6:52 AM:
"Having lived in the City of San Diego all my life, I have seen the good and the bad. Carl DeMaio is one of the BAD. If you ever to get a chance to talk to this guy (good luck he never shuts up to listen to anyone) you will understand. Phil (Money Bags) Thalheimer is another example of someone with money who thinks he/she can buy their way into political office. What is sad is that the press helps by labeling them "front runners" placing the candidates who would do the most good for all of us and not willing to prostitute themselves at a disadvantage. Case in Point: Steve McMillan, 12 year Trustee for the Poway Unified School District who represented District 1 and 5 with honesty and professionalism. He would have been a GREAT choice but opted out of the $$$ chase. Too bad for Dist 1" Cafesandiego... City Hall Elections

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