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RANCHO BERNARDO: Six high school students suspended during cheating investigation


Rancho Bernardo teens allegedly hacked into computer, changed grades

RANCHO BERNARDO ---- Six Rancho Bernardo High School students were suspended Monday for allegedly hacking into a campus computer system to change their grades and to access tests, a district official said Tuesday.

The students will remain suspended pending completion of a district investigation, Poway Unified School District spokeswoman Sharon Raffer said.

The hacking appears to have been isolated to the Rancho Bernardo campus, one of five high schools in the Poway Unified School District.

Raffer declined to name the suspended students and to provide details on how they allegedly hacked into the school's system. She also declined Tuesday to say how the school discovered that its computer system had been hacked.

"The police have been notified and we will review the results of the high school's investigation," Raffer said. "That's really all that I can say."

Students and parents in Poway Unified are required to sign both an academic honesty policy and an Internet and technology use agreement at the start of school each fall, she said. In both policies, the district has outlined consequences for cheating on tests, forgery, the alteration of materials and the inappropriate use of computer or technology equipment on campus.

The consequences for each offense depend on the situation. Typically, a cheating incident at the high school level could result in a parent-teacher meeting, a failing grade on the assignment or exam, or other school-site actions.

Raffer said that in this particular case, though, the gravity of the incident called for stricter discipline.

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RANCHO BERNARDO: Six high school students suspended during cheating investigation : North County Times - Californian

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