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Teachers' protest shirts require some alterations


Murphy's Law, the theory that if something can go wrong it will, caught up with some local teachers.

The Poway Federation of Teachers distributed signs and T-shirts custom printed with anti-budget-cut slogans. The only problem is that a misspelling appears on all of them – much to the teachers' chagrin.

An employee of the union, which represents teachers in the Poway Unified School District, said no one noticed the error until the products arrived from the printer.

The misprinted shirts and signs criticize “Govenor” Arnold Schwarzenegger's proposed education spending cuts.

With neither time nor money to correct the faux pas, they did the next best thing: They advised folks to black out, cross out or tape over the second half of the misspelled word, making it “Gov” Schwarzenegger. > News > Metro > Diane Bell -- Teachers' protest shirts require some alterations

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